Hazel by Lucy Kagan
Hazel Issues by Lucy Kagan

Hazel was born in 2014 as an idea as I browsed beautiful lifestyle blogs and magical fantasy photographs on tumblr, and felt there was a hole in the market. I couldn't find what I wanted, a beautiful forest-y and light "witches' lifestyle blog," a place that combined all the imagery I wanted to see with advice for young women trying to find a way to make a living in the world, and the place where they belonged. Since then, I believe lots of great blogs have stepped up to fulfill that need, but at the time, I started just by making a Pinterest board of all the things that I would want to feature on my own witches' lifestyle publication. It wasn't until early February or March of 2016 that I finally started taking the steps to put together a zine, a small press magazine, that was entirely written and illustrated by myself. 

After getting questions about the second issue, which I hadn't even been sure I was going to make, and a few friends wanting to contribute, I started on Hazel Issue II the very next winter. Each volume came out in late summer, and issue II was packed with beautiful artwork, projects, and thoughts from my very talented friends. I can't wait to put out issue III this summer, with even more beautiful things to be excited about inside. 

Hazel is available for purchase on Etsy as well as my personal shop, Cottonbook Clothing

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Hazel Issue IV: Ritual - Submission Guidelines

Who is Hazel?

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Hazel is our reader, a witch starting off on a journey to a new town, to settle in, to find her place in the world. She is learning about herself, the world around her, and how to survive the tumult of day-to-day challenges. With a little magic, and plenty of good friends by her side, she’s doing her best and finding her niche.

Hazel, the Witches’ Lifestyle Zine

We imagine all our Hazels sitting in a comfy library chair, under a tree, or at a cafe, reading her witches’ lifestyle magazine - it’s everything from style guides to how to throw a tea party, all with witchy flair. This issue will be focusing on ritual, as seen as a full spectrum from self care and health to spiritual practices. The Hazel zine seeks to give women a voice to talk about their own experiences in these fields, without pushing any one of those experiences as one right and true way. We want to learn more about each other’s lives to in a way learn about our own, but we know to take what we need and leave what we don’t. The Hazel reader is curious, clever, and creative, and we speak to those characteristics in her.

Hazel started as an idea in creator Lucy Kagan’s mind for a witches’ lifestyle blog, since she was looking for lifestyle content and guidance that had a more fantastical spin to it. The search for a way to bring out the magic in everyday life led her to eventually create Hazel Issue I, entirely her own work. Still too shy to reach out, the initial Kickstarter for issue one was unsuccessful, but Lucy was able to produce it anyway. After reading, friends asked about contributing to issue two, and so Hazel Issue II: Coven was born, drawing on the idea of a coven as a group of women contributing their inner powers, talents, to this effort. The response from the readers was that of enjoying the calm and peacefulness that reading Hazel brought, and Lucy reached out even further to bring in other talented friends for Hazel Issue III: Magic Words. This was the first year that another Kickstarter was attempted and reached great success. Its goal was modest, and the team was able to surpass it with their combined efforts and audiences. Now, the team is hoping to grow Hazel even more.

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We are looking for articles (very interested in informational articles!! We love to learn!), poems, stories, comics, and illustrations that pertain to the Hazel lifestyle. Think of this witch as Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service), a young witch in training, learning to become self-sufficient with her own magic, or like Ursula the artist, living out in the forest on her own terms. The aesthetic is traditional media, pressed flowers, old-world illustrators, calm, mystic, wonderous, whimsical, hopeful. Please see the Pinterest board for more inspiration:


Theme: Ritual

We want to know, how would a young witch in training answer these questions:

What do I do to live well?

How do I maintain my health?

How do I know how to discern good information from snake oil?

How do habits work hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle?

From our editor: “Ritual can be anything from your daily routine, to self-care, to a special occasion, to a guide for a magic ritual. It’s an opportunity to talk about health, the connection between body and soul, observing holidays, coming together and retracing old, well-carved paths (spells).”

Here are some topics that we would like to see. Please feel completely free to pitch something not on this list, as long as you think the content would go well with this theme! These are mostly a jumping-off point, however we would love to see some informational articles this year.

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  • Body Image

  • Mental Health

  • Amulets & Talismans

  • Ecology & Witchcraft

  • Tarot & Fortune-Reading

  • What Makes a Good Witch’s Brew

  • Finding Your Power

  • Travel Check-List

  • City Witch’s Survival Guide

  • Historical Witch’s Garments

  • Favorite Recipes

  • Cooking for Togetherness

  • Sewing Basics


Participants will be paid $50 for accepted submissions. You will be paid via PayPal and we will need to collect necessary information (email address, et al) before processing payment.

All participants will receive a copy of the zine, plus, at the participant’s request, any number of wholesale copies they wish to sell at their own profit. Previous zines have had a wholesale price of $9 and retailed at $15. Images of zine pages including various participants’ work will be used for advertising the book such as in product shots in online shops and blog posts.


Book size is 5 ⅜” W x 8 ⅜” H. Please keep in mind about a ¼” margin for trimming. Please use as many pages as you would like for illustrated work, and keep written work to about 1-2 pages.

Digital Download Sales of Previous Issues:



How to Submit to Hazel

We would like to see your pitch - anything from a rough idea, to sketches, to an outline - of what you have in mind for your piece for Hazel. The May 1st deadline is for pitches only, so you do NOT have to have your finished piece ready by then. We will let everyone know by May 19th, ideally, if their pitches were accepted or not, and at that point, accepted pitches are to be fleshed out over the month of June, incorporating any feedback our editors may have about your piece. June 30th will be the deadline for finished pieces.


  • April 10th: Submissions open

  • May 1st: Last day for pitches

  • May 19th: You will hear back from someone at Cottonbook by this date with regards to your pitch

  • June 30th: Final draft of submissions due

  • August 1st: Planned start date of Kickstarter

  • August 31st: End of Kickstarter

  • Mid to Late September: Shipping copies out to participants and supporters

Think you’ve got a good idea for a Hazel feature? Think it over, visit our Pinterest board and see previous copies for inspiration, and then when you’re ready, click the button below! We can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned!