Hazel by Lucy Kagan
Hazel Issues by Lucy Kagan

Hazel was born in 2014 as an idea as I browsed beautiful lifestyle blogs and magical fantasy photographs on tumblr, and felt there was a hole in the market. I couldn't find what I wanted, a beautiful forest-y and light "witches' lifestyle blog," a place that combined all the imagery I wanted to see with advice for young women trying to find a way to make a living in the world, and the place where they belonged. Since then, I believe lots of great blogs have stepped up to fulfill that need, but at the time, I started just by making a Pinterest board of all the things that I would want to feature on my own witches' lifestyle publication. It wasn't until early February or March of 2016 that I finally started taking the steps to put together a zine, a small press magazine, that was entirely written and illustrated by myself. 

After getting questions about the second issue, which I hadn't even been sure I was going to make, and a few friends wanting to contribute, I started on Hazel Issue II the very next winter. Each volume came out in late summer, and issue II was packed with beautiful artwork, projects, and thoughts from my very talented friends. I can't wait to put out issue III this summer, with even more beautiful things to be excited about inside. 

Hazel is available for purchase on Etsy as well as my personal shop, Cottonbook Clothing

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